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Product Name:Sintered Neodymium Motor Magnet N30H
Magnet ID:Neodymium-N30H-57
+ Highest Energy of All Permanent Magnets
+ Moderate Temperature Stability
+ High Coercive Strength
+ Moderate Mechanical Strength
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Large Magnets Warning Strong Wedge Neodymium Magnet N30H
Big magnets have a very strong attractive force. Unsafe handling could cause jamming of fingers or skin in between magnets. This may lead to contusions and bruises. Larger magnets (more than 0.5 lbs) can easily crush fingers and break bones.
Safety precaution for large magnets
• You should always wear heavy protective gloves and eye protection when handling large magnets. Very large magnets can pose a crushing hazard and should not be handled.
• Store large magnets at least one meter away from your body.
• Separate big magnets, especially spheres, with a piece of cardboard.

Neodymium is metallic element , color yellow, Its chemical symbol is Nd, belong to rare earth metal;The atomic number 60, The chemical property is much active, be oxidized at room temperature slowly, it produce hydrogen with water and acid . And the neodymium is paramagnetic material. Neodymium material is used in the manufacture of special alloys, electronic instruments and optical glass. Neodymium play an important role aser devices.

With the birth of the praseodymium element , neodymium element have emerged, its arrival make rare earth elements active and plays an important role, addtion to affact the rare earth market.

Neodymium rare earth elements by virtue of its unique position in the field, and become hot topic in the market for over years. Neodymium is the largest user of NdFeB permanent magnet materials, NdFeB magnet Neodymium is one of the important elements. The advent of NdFeB magnet, rare earth high-tech sector has injected new vigor and vitality.

Currently, NdFeB magnets are in the commercialization of the highest performance , known as Magneto, with a high magnetic proterty, its maximum energy product (BHmax) is 10 times higher than ferrite’s , known as the contemporary “magnet of the King”, with its excellent performance is widely used in electronics, machinery and other industries.

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Product Range


Magnetisation Grade:         N30H
Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB, NIB, REFeB, Neoflux, NeoDelta), Rare Earth Neo
Magnet ID:              Neodymium-N30H-62
Plating / Coating:  Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) / Double Ni / Zinc (Zn) / Epoxy (Black/Gray)
N30H Magnet Shape:         Block, Segment, Arc, Cube, Ring, Disc, Disk, Cylinder, Round, Tube, Wedge, Rectangle, Rod, Bar
N30H Magnet Size:  Customized
Tolerance:         ±0.05 mm
Magnetisation Direction:    Axial  /  Radial
Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br): 1080-1130 mT (10.8-11.3 kGs)
Energy Density (BH)max:             223-247 KJ/m³  (28-31 MGOe)
Coercivity Force (Hcb):              ≥ 796 kA/m ( ≥ 10.0 kOe)
Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj):    ≥ 1353 kA/m ( ≥ 17 kOe)
Maximum Operation Temperature: 120 °C
Delivery Time:           14-35 days

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