Quality Management System

HangSeng Quality Policy:
Technology, Innovation, Customer Oriented;
Quality, Cost, Zero Defects

HangSeng Quality Objectives:
ppm≤800,Product Delivery ppm≤800
Customer Satisfaction Degree≥85%
First Pass Yield≥88%

ISO 9001:2008

 ISO 14001:2004


ISO/TS 16949:2009


Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety Management Systems:

Policy: Perfection to the customer, health to the staff and green to the environment
Objective: Meeting Pollutant Discharge Standards; No Severe Safety/Equipment Accident
Minor Injury ≤3‰   Fire Hazard≤5 times/year
Index: Collect and dispose solid waste by category to improve recycling;
Minor Injury ≤3‰   Fire Hazard≤5 times/year
Energy Consumption Decrease 1%