Product Advantages

High Performance: The high performance HangSeng Magnets can reach: N54, 52M, 50H, 48SH, 42UH, 38EH, 33AH, etc.

High Consistency: The Cpk of Remanence (Br) and Intrinsic Coercive Force (Hcj) are much higher than 1.67. The consistency of the surface magnetic field and magnetic flux can be controlled at +/-1%.

High Working Temperature: The magnets of HangSeng can satisfy the working temperature requirements with excellent temperature resistance. The AH series with 40 kOe super-high coercive force can replace Smco magnets in most applications.

High Anti-Corrosion: The perfect coating of HangSeng Magnets can meet many anti-corrosion requirements. The salt spray test and humidity heat test of the high anti-corrosion coating Nickel+Copper+Epoxy is typically more than 1000 hours.

Low Weight Loss: The super-high magnets of HangSeng have a long lifetime with the following specifications; PCT: 130℃.humidity 100%.vapor pressure 2.7bar, 20days.average low weight loss <2 mg/cm2.