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Product Name: N38EH Block Super Strength Ndfeb Magnets
Magnet ID:Neodymium-N38EH-3
+ Highest Energy of All Permanent Magnets
+ Moderate Temperature Stability
+ High Coercive Strength
+ Moderate Mechanical Strength
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Sintered NdFeB Motor Magnets  During the last decade, the utilization of sintered NdFeB magnets in large motor and generator applications has become more common. The remanence of NdFeB material is superior in comparison to other types of magnet materials. The challenge is coercivity, which decreases rapidly as the temperature rises. Coercivity at elevated temperatures can be increased by partial substitution of Nd with Dy. Increasing Dy content, however, decreases the remanence and is therefore an unfavorable way of improving stability at elevated temperatures. In addition, dysprosium is not as abundant as neodymium in ores and thus it is much more expensive than Nd. A lot of effort has recently been put into development work for lower Dy content magnets with higher coercivities.

It is important to note that Neo magnets typically require a protective coating, as they are prone to corrosion. One typical coating for NdFeB magnets is a triple layer
plating of Nickel, Copper, and Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni).

Whether you call them a Neo magnet, NIB, NdFeB, or Neodymium Iron Boron magnet, these are the same, high quality industrial magnet. As is the case with all
magnet materials, when selecting Neodymium for your application, it is important to use the correct Neodymium magnet grade, and to be aware of the magnet’s
physical and environmental operating limitations.

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Magnetisation Grade:         N38EH
Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB, NIB, REFeB, Neoflux, NeoDelta), Rare Earth Neo
Magnet ID:              Neodymium-N38EH-3
Plating / Coating:  Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) / Double Ni / Zinc (Zn) / Epoxy (Black/Gray)
N38EH Magnet Shape:        Rectangle,  block
N38EH Magnet Size:  Customized
Tolerance:         ±0.05 mm
Magnetisation Direction:    Axial  /  Radial
Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br): 1220-1250 mT (12.2-12.5 kGs)
Energy Density (BH)max:             287-310 KJ/m³  (36-39 MGOe)
Coercivity Force (Hcb):              ≥ 899 kA/m ( ≥ 11.3 kOe)
Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj):    ≥ 2338 kA/m ( ≥ 30 kOe)
Maximum Operation Temperature: 200 °C
Delivery Time:           14-35 days

Technical Drawing