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Product Name: Zinc Coated Neo Disc Magnets N38UH
Magnet ID:Neodymium-N38UH-2
+ Highest Energy of All Permanent Magnets
+ Moderate Temperature Stability
+ High Coercive Strength
+ Moderate Mechanical Strength
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Permanent magnet materials are believed to be composed of small regions or “domains” each of which exhibit a net magnetic moment. An unmagnetized magnet will possess domains that are randomly oriented with respect to each other, providing a net magnetic moment of zero. Thus a magnet when demagnetized is only demagnetized from the observer’s point of view. Magnetizing fields serve to align randomly oriented domains to give a net, externally observable field.
The ability of a permanent magnet to support an external magnetic field results from small magnetic domains “locked” in position by crystal anisotropy within the magnet material. Once established by initial magnetization, these positions are held until acted upon by forces exceeding those that lock the domains. The energy required to disturb the magnetic field produced by a magnet varies for each type of material. Permanent magnets can be produced with extremely high coercive forces (Hc) that will maintain domain alignment in the presence of high external magnetic fields. Stability can be described as the repeated magnetic performance of a material under specific conditions over the life of the magnet.

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Product Range


Magnetisation Grade:         N38UH
Material: Sintered Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB, NIB, REFeB, Neoflux, NeoDelta), Rare Earth Neo
Magnet ID:              Neodymium-N38UH-2
Plating / Coating:  Zinc (Zn)
N38UH Magnet Shape:         Disc
N38UH Magnet Size:  Customized
Tolerance:         ±0.05 mm
Magnetisation Direction:    Axial  /  Radial
Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br): 1220-1250 mT (12.2-12.5 kGs)
Energy Density (BH)max:             287-310 KJ/m³  (36-39 MGOe)
Coercivity Force (Hcb):              ≥ 876 kA/m ( ≥ 11.4 kOe)
Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj):    ≥ 1990 kA/m ( ≥ 25 kOe)
Maximum Operation Temperature: 180 °C
Delivery Time:           14-35 days

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