The Smallest Neodymium Magnet Cube Shaped

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The Smallest Neodymium Magnet Cube Shaped, Rare Earth Cube Permanent Magnet, N35 Neodymium Magnet, The Smallest Magnet, Small NdFeB Cube Magnets

Product Name:Cube Shaped The Smallest Neodymium Magnet
Magnet ID:Cube-1mm-N35-Ni
+ Highest Energy of All Permanent Magnets
+ Moderate Temperature Stability
+ High Coercive Strength
+ Moderate Mechanical Strength
Our Superiority: Customized is Available!

Cube-shaped magnets are somewhat unusual. These are strong enough to attract each other through the thickness of a hand. It takes a bit of determination to separate two of these magnets from each other.
Also interesting in combination with steel spheres.
Cube Magnets mainly comprised of neodymium ,iron and boron,is the third generation of the rare-earth permanent magnets,Sintered Ndfeb is the strongest permanent magnets in the world up to date,It has excellent properties of high remanence,coercivity,and product.
Cube Magnets grade
N35,N38,N40,N42,N45,N48,N50,N52(Max.operational temperature: 80c)
N33SH,N35SH,N38SH,N40SH,N42SH(Max.operational temperature:150c)
N28UH,N30UH,N33UH,N35UH,N38UH(Max.operational temperature:up to 180c)
N28EH,N30EH,N33EH,N35EH(Max.operational temperature:up to 200c)
N30AH,N33AH,N35AH(Max.operational temperature:up to 230c)

Compliance and Intellectual Property Considerations:
The Neodymium Iron Boron magnets that Dura Magnetics provides are compliant with Intellectual Property Rights, Environmental Restrictions, and Conflict Mineral usage.
•License Neo and compliant with the Neodymium Iron Boron (IP) holders.
•Dodd Frank Wall Street Reform Act (Section 1502)
Handling and Storage of Neodymium Magnets:
Neodymium Magnets are very strong and brittle, requiring appropriate handling and packing to ensure safety and prevent damage.
Neodymium Magnet Manufacturing Methods:
Neodymium Magnets are typically manufactured by a powdered metallurgical process utilizing rigid steel or rubber molds.

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Product Range


Magnet Shape: Cube / Block
Material: neodymium-iron-boron (NdFeB), neodymium, neo
Coating: Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni)
Magnetic Grade:         N35
Magnetisation Direction: Axial/Radial/Multipole
Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br): 12.6-13.0 KGs (T):  1.26-1.30 T
Energy Density (BH)max:              38-41 MGOe   302-326 KJ/m³
Coercivity Force (Hcb):              ≥11.8 KOe  ≥936 KA/m
Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj):    ≥14 KOe    ≥1114 KA/m
Maximum Operation Temperature: 80 °C
Length (L):          1 mm
Width (B):           1 mm
Height (H):           1 mm
Tolerance:         ±0.05 mm
Delivery time           3-14 days

Technical Drawing