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Ring Countersunk NdFeB Magnet, Neodymium Ring Magnet with Countersunk, Rare Earth Countersunk Ring Magnet, Neodymium Rare Earth Countersunk Magnet China Supplier

Product Name:Ring Countersunk NdFeB Magnet
Model No:NCR-3624-N35
1. Powerful permanent pot magnet
2. High quality & best price
3. High working temperature
4. Good corrosion resistance
Original Manufacturer:HangSeng Magnetech
Solution:Customized your required material, size, coating, shape, grade, pull force and woking temperature
Origin:Ningbo, Zhejiang, China
Supply Ability:50000pcs/day
Applications:magnetic holding, lifting, antenna Mounting, positioning, retrieving and much more.

Threaded NdFeB Ring Countersunk Magnet/round magnet/sintered magnet/cheap magnet
1.Shallow pot magnets are low profile for applications where height is limited.
2.They have a clearance hole through and a countersunk on the magnetic face to accept a countersunk screw.
3.The range of Shallow Pot Magnets is wide and shallow, the north and south poles are on the same plane.
4.Because the gap between the poles is narrow, they have a shallow flux field, these magnets are ideal for limpet type gripping applications.
5.Each magnet in the range is manufactured with a standard M6 thread for building into jigs and fixtures, fitted with a J bolt.
6.Surface can be red painted, or coated with nickel, zinc or Chrome.
7.ring holding magnets can be fixed onto or sunken into steel surfaces without any loss of performance.

The ring shape allows smaller mechanical tolerance compared to Segment Magnets.
Motor assembly is made much easier; installation of one or more rings versus gluing arcs into place.
Currently attainable qualities: 35H, 40H, 45H, 38M, 35SH, 38SH, 42SH, 35UH, 40UH.
Radial sintering may prevent so-called weak spots.
Homogeneous flux of the poles.
Uniformity of the magnetic field is significantly better than that of segment magnets.
Magnets are multi-poled – thus the ring does not compromise the magnetic properties.
Ring magnets offer substantial cost savings on assembling the rotor.
No additional rings or protecting cases are required for fixation.
Different types of magnetization are possible: diametrical, multipolar as well asso called “skewed” magnetization.
This ring provides high cost-effectiveness as well as better motor performance (as compared to the usual segment magnets).
The radial orientation results in a super strong magnet by virtue of superior metallurgy developed specifically to BE radially oriented.

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Product Range


Magnetisation Grade:         N35
Material: Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB), Neodymium and Steel
Magnet ID:              NCR-3624-N35
Plating / Coating:  Nickel (Ni-Cu-Ni) / Double Ni
Shape:         Ring with Countersunk Hole (countersink hole)
Countersunk Magnet Size:
Ring Total Out-Diameter (D):        36 mm
Ring Total Inner-Diameter (d):     24 mm
Ring Total Height (H):         5 mm
Small Hole Diameter (d1):     6 mm
Tolerance:         ±0.05 mm
Magnetisation Direction:    Axial /  Radial
Residual Magnetic Flux Density (Br):  1170-1220 mT (11.7-12.2 kGs)
Energy Density (BH)max:              263-287 KJ/m³  (33-36 MGOe)
Coercivity Force (Hcb):              ≥ 868 kA/m ( ≥ 10.9 kOe)
Intrinsic Coercivity Force (Hcj):   ≥ 955  kA/m ( ≥ 12 kOe)
Maximum Operation Temperature: 80 °C
Delivery Time:           14-35 days

Technical Drawing