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Product Name:Magic Magnetic Balls Nanodots Magnets
Magnet ID:Buckyballs-Metallic-Black-5mm
+ Highest Energy of All Permanent Magnets
+ Moderate Temperature Stability
+ High Coercive Strength
+ Moderate Mechanical Strength
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Buckyballs-composed by 216 strong neodymium magnet beads, is a great Stress Relief Desktop Toys and famous around the worlds
Due to the mutual attraction between the mini magnet poles, Bucky balls small magnets cube can be combined in to any geometry freely. Your creation can control buckyballs building toy & merge in to 216 creation fields. You will come up with limitless shapes with no name, since you are the first person to create them. This also means that your creation is with a ridiculous reply value. Basically, you will seldom feel bored since you can create everything. It’s amazing to surprise you by your own imagination. You can createe any shape by your own idea. This is unparalleled. This is what buckyballs can bring to you.
Magnet ID: Buckyballs-Metallic-Black-5mm
Color: Metallic Black
Size of This ball: Ø 5mm
Triple Coated: nickel – copper – nickel
Performance: N35
Magnetic : 4800 gauss
Remanence: 1.21 (T)
Operating temperature: 80 (° C)
Magnetic induction coercive force (Min): 10.8 kOe 860 KA / M
Intrinsic coercivity (Min): 12 kOe 960 KA / M
Maximum energy product (range): 33 to 37 MGOe 263 to 295 KJ/m3
Material density: 7.5
Package Contents:
1x 5mm magnetic balls (216pcs as a set)
Original Metal Box X 1
We all know Bucky Balls – now we offer you the next amazing magnetic toy called Buckybars. Buy a Buckybars for more fun, connections, constructions, create whatever you want. The best is, you can combine the 36 new black buckybars magnets with the classic buckyballs e.g. bucky balls gold or silver, so you can take the opportunity to create millions of different objects.
Buy this new bucky bars and get an amazing puzzle toy with unlimited kinds of solutions. It’s easy to create different object with this desktop from the family of bucky balls. you will see it’s so simple as to play with a buckyball. Introduce yourself this new challenge.

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