Magnetic stands are common tools used in metalworking projects involving the use of machinery. They are typically used to position dial indicators on workpieces, as well as for setting workpieces in machinery. HSMAG Magnets have a variety of different types and model of magnetic stands to suit every application, including:

General Magnetic Base
Base With Fine Adjustment
Beam-Shaped Bases
Mechanical Bases
Flexible Stem Bases
Mini Magnetic Bases
Universal Mechanical and Universal Indicator Bases
Magnetic Lamp Bases
Vacuum Bases
SL and Din Series

Some of our magnetic base models have an on/off switch, grooves and other model-specific features. All HSMAG Magnets’ bases contain strong magnetic material that has a strong clamping force to ensure every measurement is consistent and accurate. If you’re looking for a magnetic base of the highest quality and durability with strong, long-lasting magnetism, you’re certain to find what you need at HSMAG Magnets. Whether you’re looking for quality Magnetic Bases Blocks and Micrometers, Holding Catching and Handle Magnets, or Permanent Magnets or one of our quality magnetic bases, HSMAG Magnet has a magnet to meet every need.

Magnetic refrigerator door gasket

Fridge Magnet