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  • The Professional Magnetic Tube China Supplier

The Professional Magnetic Tube China Supplier

The Professional Magnetic Tube China Supplier - NEOi & HSMAG Magnetic Tube China Supplier - Magnetic tube (aka magnetic bar) is several pieces of neodymium magnets assembled into steel bar, the standard diameters are D18, D20, D25, D32, D35, D40mm, the frame and tube material is 304 or 316L stainless steel, it is good corrosion [...]

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  • Magnetic Grate & Filter Bar

Magnetic Grate & Filter Bar

Magnetic Grate Filter Bar or Magnetic Tube are cheap devices, suitable for extracting iron magnetic metals from inert materials in recycling facilities and for waste treatment, in the food industry, plastic and wood, in the recovery of metal ore from crushed appliances, cars, mineral crushing facilities, and are essential for the glass and ceramic industries. [...]


Magnetic stands are common tools used in metalworking projects involving the use of machinery. They are typically used to position dial indicators on workpieces, as well as for setting workpieces in machinery. HSMAG Magnets have a variety of different types and model of magnetic stands to suit every application, including: General Magnetic Base Base With [...]

  • Magnetic Welding Devices

Magnetic Welding Devices

Magnetic Welding Devices, or welding magnets, are strong magnets typically used for welding projects. These types of magnets attract to any ferrous object or metal, allowing both hands free to safely work on a project. Some magnets come equipped with an on/off switch, a feature every carpenter or welder can appreciate. Simply keep the magnet [...]

Magnetic Pickup Tool

MAGNETIC RETRIEVAL PEN / MAGNETIC PICKUP TOOL Pick up and recover ferromagnetic (e.g. mild steel) pieces such as dropped nuts, screws, bolts, keys, washers and other bits with ease, even if they end up behind your workbench, somewhere in the engine you're working on, rolling under a locked door, etc. Use our Magnetic Pick-up Tool [...]

  • Magnetic Swarf Wands

Magnetic Swarf Wand

Magnetic Swarf Wand is also known as a Magnetic Separator Wand, Hand-held Magnetic Separator, Test Separator Rod, Ferrous contaminant magnetic tester and Magnetic Baton. Magnetic Swarf Wand NEW PRODUCT Separate small parts after rumbling Quick release handle Permanent magnet - never needs re-magnetising Lightweight, non-rusting shaft Holding capacity: 6.35kg Quickly and safely pick-up iron and [...]