• Permanent Magnets Keep the Entire World Running

Permanent Magnets Keep the Entire World Running

Permanent Magnets Keep the Entire World Running Rare earth or perpetual are made from components in the rare earth assembly of the occasional table of the components. While once acknowledged rare, these components have been discovered to be as normal as lead or tin. Be that as it may, their helpfulness in changeless did not [...]

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Alnico Magnets

Alnico magnets material is very stable and is ideal for very high temperature applications - up to 550°C!! Alnico Magnets are sometimes also known as Red Magnets - Alnico is sometimes given a red protective paint layer. In the 1950s HSMAG launched the red painted magnet range. Red magnets not only became the most popular [...]

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Rare Earths

Rare Earth elements, largely unknown to the majority of the general public, have become national news in the past decade. The magnet industry has used samarium, neodymium, dysprosium and other rare earths for decades as they are a very important ingredient in magnet design. Many of these magnets have enabled new technologies and are also [...]

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